OCA | Clear Novel Materials, an optics adhesive manufacturer, has completed the LGC technology undertaking and has fully entered the panel industry market

Released on:2022-04-19 Content Source: Clear Novel Material

By March 2022, Shenzhen Clear Novel Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Clear Novel Materials") has basically completed the technical undertaking of LGC, and the new factory property lines in China has been constructed smoothly.

OCA optics adhesive is one of the key materials in the semiconductor display panel industry. There is a large domestic market in China, but the localization proportion is still very low at present. Clear Novel Materials has inherited the strong R & D strength, excellent process, quality control capability and technical patent of LGC chemical OCA optics adhesive. Product have entered many front-line panel factories, such as BOE, CSOT, and LGD supplier system, etc. The Company will improve and open up the resource pool of terminal clients continuously, and become the leading enterprise in China electronic materials industry.


Clear Novel Material is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of optics adhesive products. The OCA optics glue business of the Company originates from the overall acquisition of the chemical optics glue Business Department of LGC in South Korea. It has complete production instrument and perfect patent technology layout. Its optics glue products are technologically advanced and of excellent quality. Products are mainly application in mobile phones, plateau computers, laptops, wearable instrument, automotive intelligent cockpits, e-book terminals and other fields, which client resources include world-renowned consumption terminal clients, car clients, domestic well-known mobile phone and plateau terminal clients, etc. It has the strongest domestic competitive advantage in localization substitution, core technology, client penetration, industrial background, and service support, etc.


In the future, Clear Novel Materials will take "the leader of global advanced material solutions" as its vision, insist on putting quality and innovation first, provide clients with high-quality product and perfect services, and complete the historical mission of localization of OCA optics adhesive.