Genzon Group successfully completed delivery by acquiring the OCA optics glue business of LGC

Released on:2022-01-01 Content Source: Clear Novel Material

A new year, a new beginning. On January 1, 2022, Genzon Group completed the delivery of the acquisition of OCA business under LG Chemical in South Korea. This transaction includes the overall acquisition of its production instrument, technical processes and patent, and client resources at home and abroad. This is another important strategic measure for Genzon Group to placement the high-end market in the field of new materials. Meanwhile, South Korea R & D Center was officially established recently to strengthen the R&D of OCA optics adhesive and advanced materials.


The successful delivery of this transaction can realize the localization of OCA optics glue technology. Genzon Group will simultaneously obtain the world leading OCA technology, production process and rich industry client resources, and become one of the world's major OCA suppliers. All assets, intellectual property rights, R & D teams and client resources involved in the business delivery have been successfully incorporated into Genzon Group, and the diversification international team operates orderly.

OCA is a kind of transparent optics adhesive, which is used for pasting each layer of touch screen panel (TSP) or cover glass and display screen. It is a film form adhesive used to paste panel materials. It is an indispensable material for the manufacture of notebook computers, plateau computers, smart phones and automotive display screens. Compared with traditional industrial membranes, it has more stringent production requirements in terms of technical specifications and product cleanliness degree, and the technical threshold is also relatively high. There are fewer domestic enterprises that can independently develop and produce high-end OCA product. At present, the production capacity is dominated by the United States, Japan and South Korea. In the national "13th Five-year Plan" for the development of national strategic emerging industries, high-end OCA optics adhesive is listed as one of the product for the key planning and development of advanced new materials.


The acquisition of South Korea LGC optics glue business, on the one hand, improved the industrial placement of Genzon in the field of photoelectric display materials, and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent development of Genzon in the field of high-end materials. On the other hand, it also promotes the development of the domestic photoelectric display core material industry, and rapidly improves the R & D, production and operation level and industrial competitiveness of domestic relevant fields.

After the acquisition, Genzon Group will continue to increase R & D investment in new product such as vehicle mounted and foldable products, strengthen technology development and patent innovation, and make unremitting efforts to realize the development vision of "global leader in advanced material solutions".

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