What is OCA optical glue?

Released on:2022-04-20 Content Source: Clear Novel Material

OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) is a special adhesive used for bonding transparent optics constituent (such as lenses, etc.). It is a kind of double-sided adhesive tape without matrix material by making optics acrylic adhesive into substrate free, and then bonding a layer of release film on the upper and lower basal layer.


OCA optics glue structure

OCA optics adhesive has ultra-high light transmittance (all-optical transmittance >99%), high adhesive force, high weather resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, control thickness, provides uniform spacing, and will not cause creation, peeling and deterioration after long-term use. It can be widely used for the assembly of touch screen and other related relevant electronic display screens, such as projection screen, and lens, etc., and the pasting of optics film to the surface of plateau display.


OCA characteristics:

1.Reduce dazzle, reduce the loss of light emitted by LCD, increase the brightness of LCD, provide high transmittance, and reduce energy consumption;

2.Increase the contrast ratio, especially the contrast ratio under strong light irradiation;

3.Face connection has higher strength;

4.Avoid Newton rings;

5.The surface of product is smoother;

6.No boundary, expand the visible domain.