Talk about co-operation and seek common development - Genzon Group was invited to attend the 2022 Suqian (Shenzhen) Investment Environment Briefing

Released on:2022-05-24 Content Source: Clear Novel Material

On May 19, the 2022 Suqian (Shenzhen) Investment Environment Briefing and Smart Home Appliance Industry Chain Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Chen Zhongwei, Deputy Secretary of Suqian Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Li Chaoyang and Yan Hui, Deputy Mayors, and Wang Shoubing, Vice Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC, attended the Briefing. Deng Xueqin, Chairman of Genzon Group, was invited to attend and make a speech.


Deng Xueqin said in his release that Genzon Group is a diversified group with real estate, scientific innovation and industrial investment as its core strategic track. In December 2017, it began to invest in Shuyang County, Suqian City. In 2021, it achieved invoice sales of 1.2 billion yuan and tax payment of 48 million yuan, and successfully won the "National High-tech Enterprise". Since the second half of 2021, Genzon Group has invested heavily again in Suqian Suyu Ecological Chemical Industry Park and Shuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, increasing the R & D and production of various advanced materials, such as "release film, OCA, electronic grade PI materials, graphene thermal conductive film", actively grasping the domestic substitution opportunities of high-precision new materials, and enhancing its own technological R & D and innovation capability, promote the industrialization of high-end new material technology.


A total of 21 manufacturing projects were signed at the Signing Ceremony of the Investment Environment Briefing. Representatives of Genzon Group were invited to participate in the Signing Ceremony, and the PI membrane project of Clear Novel Material invested by them in Suqian Suyu District reached a contract.

The successful holding of this Signing Ceremony indicates that Genzon Group will as always spare no effort to speed up the implementation of project construction, expand and strengthen its business in the new material sector, advance towards the great goal of "global leader in advanced material solutions", and write a new chapter in the Company's high-quality development based on its advantageous layout, take root locally.